Hooligan Dirt Dash

J&L Harley-Davidson Presents: Hooligan Dirt Dash Powered by J&P Cycles

Hot Harley Nights is bringing flat track racing to Sioux Falls, SD! Come see the handlebar to handlebar action of the Hooligan Expert class fighting for the finish, hear the roaring laughter in the stands as grown men and women race tiny pit bikes (and aggressively, at that), or see the wide variety of motorcycles compete in the Run Watcha Brung class!

Saturday and Sunday, join us for all the racing action on our all on a dirt track, pitting motorcycle racers aboard practically any make, model, year and engine size. Hooligan Dirt Dash races have a grassroots vibe that excludes current or former pro racers, making the racing accessible to all motorcycle enthusiasts interested in participating and super popular with fans.

Motorcycle riders are invited to compete in this daring dance of speed and style with race classes including: Hooligan Expert, Amateur Beginner, Run Watcha Brung, Kick Start and more.


1) Rules may change.

2) No past or current licensed AMA professional rider from any competitive discipline may enter Hooligan Dirt Dash events—NO EXCEPTIONS.

3) All motorcycles eligible for Hooligan Dirt Dash competition must feature a VIN that can verify the motorcycle was or is legal for street use as defined by state laws where the bike is registered, or where the race is conducted. No purpose-built off-road or track-use only motorcycles are eligible for Hooligan Dirt Dash events. License plate and/or headlights ARE NOT REQUIRED on Hooligan Dirt Dash motorcycles, and will not be considered to determine a motorcycle’s street legality or street worthiness.

4) Every Hooligan Dirt Dash motorcycle must feature at least one number plate, mounted on the fork above the front tire of the motorcycle. A second number plate mounted on the left side of the motorcycle is recommended, but not mandatory. These number plate(s) must feature a bold, easily read 2- or 3-digit number to aid track officials with scoring.

5) All Hooligan Dirt Dash and special demo class competitors (Run What You Brung, Kick Start Class, Adult Pit Bike Class, etc.) must wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, boots and a DOT-approve 3/4- or full-face helmet with eye protection at all times when on the race course and in the pits. No half helmets, pudding bowls, novelty helmets, etc. may be worn to operate a motorcycle on the race track—NO EXCEPTIONS.


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There is no cost to race! Just come and have fun!